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Osgiliath Collar - Forest Green w/ Chocolate Brown & Brass Hardware



Small - 10-14"

Medium - 14-18"

Large - 17-21"

Made of thick, hand-dyed, premium quality cow leather with brass plated accent hardware, this collar is sturdy enough for even the toughest canines! 

Colour: Forest Green & Chocolate Brown

- Real leather can be rigid to begin with but will soften up greatly with use/wear. Proper oiling can aid in the break-in process and will also help to extend the life of the leather. One application of conditioning oil has already been applied to the collar to help soften and protect the leather, and instructions for care are included. All dyes & stains used are vegetable based, non-toxic.

- Because leather is a natural, porous product, and I colour the pieces using stains rather than acrylic paint products, the colour and texture will change. This is normal, and will add to the rugged look and feel of buying an item that is made from real leather. Over time each item will develop a character and look that is truly unique. The degree and rate of change will vary from piece to piece, as it is affected by environment such as exposure to moisture, conditioning and care products, and even your dog's own unique hair and skin oils. No two collars will age in exactly the same way. The colour change will be more prominent in items made from lighter colours of leather such as natural tan, yellow, or teal. To preserve the true colour longer, remove the items before swimming or exposing to moisture. 


- Each and every leather hide is unique and will receive the dye differently, so colours may show variance from the listing photos. I will often purposely select raw hides that show markings, blemishes, and scarring to give every collar an individual look. Every item will grow to develop it's own unique, broken-in character over time. When properly cared for, the integrity of real leather will last for many years to come.


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