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Meet Our Team

Naomi McFee, Owner

Naomi lives on an acreage West of Edmonton with her spouse, his 2 boys, their 2 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, and 2 Tuxedo cats. After over 12 years in Corporate Human Resources, it was time for a change, and to take on a passion. Fox & Tux Pet Boutique encompasses Naomi’s love of all things dog and cats, as well as nutrition and health. She will be in the store on a regular basis to help you find the best products for your furry friends.


Posy Johnston, Sales Consultant

Posy is a born and raised Edmontonian, and a neighbour to the High Street Shopping Area. She is the mother of 2 Dachshunds. Her female, Blossom, will be joining Posy at the store. Posy has a strong background in retail so she will take very good care of all Fox & Tux's customers.


Abbie, Chief Product Tester - Dog Products

Abbie is a super feisty and extremely intelligent 11 year old Duck Toller. She is very eager to please, and has no limits as to what she can do. She holds her Masters' Agility Dog of Canada title in AAC Agility, and has competed at the National level. Abbie’s an expert in all things food and fetch related. You will find her favourite products throughout the store, and she will be happy to show you around. Come on in and give her a ‘high five’!


Bullet, Vice President - Puppy Relations

Bullet is a big loveable 4 year old Duck Toller. Bullet’s tastes are much more refined than his Auntie Abbie’s. He loves all things hunting. Outside of that, he just loves to get attention and praise. He tries very hard to stay out of trouble because relationships are extremely important to him. Bullet watches carefully over the store, and takes very good care of all the colleagues at Fox & Tux. If you have a fussy puppy, he can help direct you to his favourite food and other goodies.


Mr. Styles, Security Officer

Mr. Styles is the most social and affectionate cat you’ll ever meet. No, really. If he wasn’t so sweet, it would be annoying. He snuggles everyone he meets, especially the ladies. This handsome fella is the best mouse hunter you can find. In his first year on our acreage, he brought back 52 mice in just over a month before we stopped counting. He will be visiting the store once in a while to make sure that pesky little critters don’t sample the products.


Luna, Chief Product Tester - Cat Products

Luna is an itty bitty little kitty with a loud voice. Luna and Mr. Styles have been together for 9 years. She makes sure he stays in line, and although she is half his size, she is the boss in this relationship. She takes her job of testing all the cat products very seriously. She is so busy testing products, that you won’t see her at the store. However, you can be confident that you will find the best cat products in our store and online due to her careful selection process.